You should see a periodontist in Salem, NC once every six months. However, many people neglect to see a periodontist that often simply because they are afraid of going to the office. There are many reasons why this fear exists, but no matter what, you should never completely avoid seeing a periodontist due to dental anxiety. Instead, ask a professional about sedation dentistry techniques that are available.  
Nitrous Oxide
  Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a mild form of sedation that involves the patient breathing in a gas. The patient remains awake but is more at ease. The effects of the gas wear away fairly quickly after the procedure.  
Oral Sedation
  This method involves giving a patient a tablet or pill. The patient gets drowsy but does not completely fall asleep. This makes the patient feel more relaxed so that any phobia subsides. Oral sedation is used for more moderate cases of dental fear.  

IV Sedation
  This technique involves administering medications intravenously. This is most often done for particularly long procedures or people with extreme dental phobia. Depending on how deep the sedation is, a patient may fall asleep, or the patient may become incredibly relaxed but can still respond to questions.  

  This is reserved for patients who are about to undergo intensive surgery. This is the highest level of sedation available, and the patient becomes completely unconscious. The patient may not wake up for a while after the surgery is complete, and he or she will need to coordinate a ride home from the periodontist’s office.  

Get More Information at Our Office
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