A revolutionary improvement to the delivery of local anesthesia has been developed that makes injections (shots) virtually painless. This new device and technique is being provided by Kenneth A. Peavy, D.M.D. M.H.S., a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina (PRWEB) 02-16-2015

Fear of dentistry and especially the “shots” associated with local anesthetic injection is enough to keep many patients from getting the dental care they so desperately need. Needle phobia (trypanophobia) and injections are among the most feared and anxiety producing procedures during dental interventions (Hoogstraten,J Dent 2009) and memories of painful dental experiences as children can lead to avoidance of care later as adults ( Breggren, J Amer Dent Assoc, 1984). There has been much effort over the years to reduce the pain of shots and with the introduction of the DentalVibe, we can now deliver the anesthetic without pain and often patients are surprised when their teeth start getting numb and ask, ‘When did you give me the shot’?“.

The DentalVibe (http://www.dentalvibe.com) is a handheld device that delivers pulsed, percussive micro-oscillations (super-fast tapping vibrations) to the site before and during the injection. The tapping and vibrations stimulate nerve pathways that carry these feelings to the brain and mask the pain of the needle insertion (Gate Control Theory).

The anesthetic usually stings as it is goes into the tissues because it is acidic with a pH of about 3.5, but Dr. Peavy also uses a buffering agent (Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4%) to make the anesthetic solution a more normal pH of 7.4 which doesn’t sting when given and it works four times faster than normal and doesn’t require as much of the solution. “Everyone used to tell their patients that they would feel a pinch and a sting, but we don’t have to say that anymore. (www.drmalamed.com) When we combine the ora-gel that makes your gums feel slightly numb with the DentalVibe and the buffering technique, it is painless. Giving our patients the dreaded shot was always stressful for me and the patients, but these new techniques and devices have made that a thing of the past for me and our patients!”

Peavy went on to explain that he can use the DentalVibe on the skin where the IV will be started and get the same pain free “stick”.

Dr. Peavy is a board certified periodontist in Winston-Salem and has been providing periodontal care for his patients for 25 years. Patients interested in learning more about this procedure can visit Dr. Peavy’s website at http://www.happygumshop.com or on You Tube by searching for: dr peavy shares testimonials pain free dentistry in winston salem , nc or call 336-774-3001.