Lasers in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Dr. Peavy was the first periodontist in Winston-Salem to incorporate Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) in 2006 and at the time of this website update in 2021, is the first periodontist in NC to add the use of the Erbium laser to clean the teeth. The new LightWalker laser by Fotona combines the soft tissue Nd/Yag laser used in the patented LANAP procedures with a versatile Erbium hard tissue laser to add another dimension! We are also adding “PRP” (protein rich plasma) and fibrin the the mix to further enhance the healing. The Twin Light approach by Fotona is the latest twist in the fight against gum disease! We can combine all this new technology with oral DNA salivary testing to target the “bad” bacteria with antibiotics and boost your immune system with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle! There are so many things we and you can do to enhance the your chances for a healthier you! Treatment for periodontal disease with lasers means less discomfort, less recession, reduced sensitivity, and predictable long term results if you do your part of the plan.

Gum Disease Laser Therapy

Dr. Peavy is proud to offer the latest technology available for periodontal therapy: laser treatment. There are numerous advantages to using laser therapy for treatment of gum disease as opposed to the traditional methods requiring a scalpel and sutures.

Gum Disease Laser Therapy Benefits:


With laser treatment, there is reduced or no bleeding, minimized swelling, no charring, and no drill noise or vibration. The stress and anxiety often associated with dental work is therefore eliminated when you experience quick, effective, and essentially pain-free laser procedures. Also, postoperative sensitivity is greatly limited by laser dentistry, and recovery time is much quicker than with traditional methods. In fact, due to the less-invasive nature of the laser technique, the mouth begins to heal immediately after work is completed!

Reduced Risk of Infection:

The laser energy can kill the bacteria and reduces the risk of post-operative infections.

Uses for Gum Disease Laser Therapy:

Dr. Peavy can perform a variety of procedures using laser technology, such as a frenectomy, osseous surgery, crown lengthening, and gum grafting. Dr. Peavy is also able to use laser technology as a way to regenerate healthy gums and remove diseased areas in a virtually painless way. This method also encourages healthy gums to regenerate and attach to the teeth. There is a much lower chance of gum disease returning when laser therapy is used as opposed to traditional surgery.